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I have a,b,c in a table with check boxes I want by clicking sub button echoing value of checkboxes that are checked

 echo "<table border=2>";
     echo "<tr>
     <td><input type='Checkbox' name='p[$i]'  value='$array[$i]' unchecked />
    echo "</table>";
         foreach($_POST['p'] as $key=>$value)
             //I have problem here;
<meta content="">
<form method='post'>
<input type='submit' name='sub' value='echome'>

I have problem in echoing and if(isset($_POST['p'])) is not working what I must do?

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It looks like that the table containing checkboxes is echo'ed outside the form tag, which is why 'p' is not submitted with form post and $_POST['p'] is not found by PHP. Move your PHP code right after the form tag is created in HTML.

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You are right! thank you very much now it works:D I echoed this:echo $_POST['p'][$key]; –  Nickparsa Jul 12 '11 at 10:23

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