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The structure of my project is as follow:


Is there a way i can instance a global variable in subProj.pro and call it en e.g. subsubProj.pro like:






Maybe I should more precise with my problem.

The usual behavior in Qt Creator when you right-click on Proj and choose "Build project"Proj"" is that qmake Proj.pro gets invoked then qmake subProj.pro and then subsubProj.pro

What I want to achieve is:

  1. When i build the project "Proj" only Proj.pro and subProj.pro get invoked (NOT subsubProj.pro)
  2. BUT: When i build the project "subProj" the invoked files are subProj.pro and subsubProj.pro

You achieve 1) by adding to subProj.pro:

TEMPLATE = subdirs
SUBDIRS = subsubProj

In this case when you do qmake Proj.pro 1) is fulfilled. BUT when you do qmake subProj.pro the subsubProj doesnt get built neither.

So my idea was to hand over a variable from Proj to subProj.


GLOBAL_VAR = true;

and subProj retrieves this variable:


TEMPLATE = subdirs
equals(GLOBAL_VAR, true){
   # do nothing because Proj.pro invokes you
else {
   # invoke qmake subsubProj.pro
   SUBDIRS = subsubProj
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I managed to do that with the include(...) command via config files.

An other way (but more limited) is to use CONFIG+=GLOBAL_VAR in the qmake arguments list. That technique is quite useful for 'master' switchs.

But with both of them you can't change the GLOBAL_VAR during the pre-build process (qmake step) ...

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.pri files are designed exactly for this purpose. –  rubenvb Jul 12 '11 at 15:58

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