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Echo $var gives me something like http://342.234.243.142/data/somethingmore/

IP-address everytime is different. Instead of "somethingmore" can something like "/folder/images/2011/gallery/file.jpg" (anything)

How do I strip from this string part with the ip and /data/ folder?

$var could become /somethingmore/

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$url = 'http://342.234.243.142/data/somethingmore/';
echo basename($url);
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$str = "http://342.234.243.142/data/somethingmore/";
$str = explode('/', $str);

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please see updated answer – James Jul 12 '11 at 10:42
@Messi: You should make it more clear what part of URL do you needs? your edit is confusing me. – Shakti Singh Jul 12 '11 at 10:46

Use this regular expression:


This way you can get a full string after '/data' even if it contains more '/' (slashes). For example, http://342.234.243.142/data/somethingmore/andmore/

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