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I have a class defined as:

public class ReportClient
    public virtual int? Id { get; set; }

    public virtual long? ClientId { get; set; }

    public virtual string Name { get; set; }

    public virtual string EmailAddress { get; set; }

    public virtual string AdditionalEmailAddress { get; set; }

    public virtual List<ReportClient> ChildClients { get; set; }

As you can see ChildClients are of same type as Parent.

Please guide me how can I map 'ChildClients' so for each ChildClient in List<ReportClient> ChildClients there is a new table record with a column 'ParentId' being set for this record ( having ParentId = Id)

Please guide.

Thank you!

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I don't have the enviroment to test, but this should work, try swapping the column names if it doesn't.

  HasManyToMany(x => x.ChildClients)
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