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I'm not terribly good with Javascript so I'm wondering if there is a better way of doing this:

if (games[level] === undefined) {
    games[level] = {};
    games[level]['pending'] = {};

if (!games[level]['pending'].length) {
    return game.create(level);

In PHP I can just test empty($games[$level]['pending']). Is there a better way of testing for this? Basically all I want to do is create the object if it does not exist.

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You'll always get a TypeError when even checking for properties of something that's undefined, so you need to. However, I'm not aware of any tips and tricks to make this easier. – pimvdb Jul 12 '11 at 10:41
Yeah I found that out the hard way. Just hoping there is some "guru" out there that can make it a bit more elegant. – rich97 Jul 12 '11 at 10:52
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if (games[level] === undefined) {
    games[level] = game.create(level);

If there is no such level game create should be called to initialize all of the data needed. I don`t see any point of making it an object and then checking for "pending". It will be always empty, because you just created the object.

If your the second if returns something for games[level]['pending'].length you have a big problem with your code. You can`t create an empty object ( games[level]['pending'] = {} ) and find that it already has properties.

In addition:

games[level] = {};
// games[level]['pending'] = {}; - bad
games[level].pending = {}; // this way object properties should be used
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Basically what I wanted to do is add a new item to the pending (waiting to start games) object. In the code games[level].pending it's possible that it is set already (so undefined wont be triggered) but had no items in it. Hence the .length check. – rich97 Jul 12 '11 at 11:51

you can make yourself a function to do that, pass it the games object a a string like "" and goes on and creates the objects.

function makeObj(obj, path) {
    var parts = path.split("."), tmp = obj, name;
    while (parts.length) { 
        name = parts.shift();
        if (typeof tmp[name] === 'undefined') {
              tmp[name] = {};
        tmp = tmp[name];

var x = {};
makeObj(x, "");
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games[level] = games[level] || {pending: {}};

if (!games[level].pending.length) {
    return game.create(level);
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