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I have the following code in my page

    <script language = 'javascript'>function fchange(){alert(document.getElementById("ifrm").value);</script>
    <iframe id = 'ifrm' src = '' width = '700' height='500'></iframe><input type='button' onclick = 'fchange()' value = 'clickhere'>

From this I click the button and an alert box dispalys undefined. But I need the content or the source of the page (''). Please help me to do this.

Thanks in advance...

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You can't do this, as it breaks the same-origin policy.

If both pages are on the same domain then you can with do what @Joel suggests, or the slightly more old fashioned:


You'll need <iframe name="ifrm" ...> for this to work.

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If you want the source of the iframe, you would need to access the document object of the iframe.

function fchange() 

As mentioned by others, you cannot get the source of an iframe which points to a page outside your domain.

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Hi friend it shows object expected error – Sakthivel Mar 20 '09 at 14:21

You need to have back-end script for that. I think that's the only way. AJAX would not allow to make a request to other domains for security reasons.

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Than how can i achive this ? – Sakthivel Mar 20 '09 at 14:21

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