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i have been trying to make such a demo where i need to draw many(hundreds of) circle shapes on canvas(or any other way if possible) ,

after drawing the canvas i need to zoom and move it..

and also want to capture the click(touch) event of each shape separately ..

so i know i can get canvas touch event and get x and y positions and check which which circle is touched but i have to draw many circles and as well after zooming and moving the circle's x and y pos is changes so plz help me..

Give me any suggestion how to do this..the way to go.. or if any ANDROID MASTER have done some thing like this..plz plz give me code sample..

thank you all, good day..

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according your requirement you have 2 use one of the android game framework you can find so many game engine check this thread or you can use andengine one of the best 2D game engine in that you can find many example code.

for your requirement just follow the PinchZoomExample from here

any further help comment the question i love to help this prob.

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thanks for the answer.. i will try and let you know if i had any questions regarding that..! – Miral Dhokiya Jul 12 '11 at 11:23
hi.. I have a same problem: I'm drawing and pasting image on canvas. Problem is when I zoom in/out or Drag the canvas, then I don't get the correct position of the canvas. Like if i've touched at 100,100 it might give me 256,450.. Plz guide me to solve it. I want correct cordinates after draging or scaling the canvas. – Awais Tariq Sep 23 '11 at 5:43

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