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I have recently developed an Android application which uses the GoogleMaps API and represents the points of the map. The application works well in the Android emulator , but it does not work when it is executed in a SmartPhone. When the map is represented all the points are shown but the map is not shown (it appears a white map with squares). I have generated the .apk whith the default.keystore : debug.keystore. I have tried to generate the .apk with a customized keystore and obtain the following result :

Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect.

Any solution for the program of the API of googlemaps in the smartphone? Does anybody know how to generate a new debug.keystore?

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Try to create a new keystore. use this new keystore for getting google map api key then run

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The easiest way to make a new debug keystore is actually to let the tools do it for you. If you delete the existing keystore, the build tools will automatically generate a new one for you. Then, you can do the steps to get the hash and get the API key:

The default storage location for AVDs is in ~/.android/ on OS X and Linux, in C:\Documents and Settings\.android\ on Windows XP, and in C:\Users\.android\ on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The next time you build, the build tools will regenerate a new keystore and debug key.

Full description of steps here: http://developer.android.com/guide/publishing/app-signing.html

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You could use the same keystore as it is, to the device as well. The same keystore works for emulator as well

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