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I have created a jtree with the root node "RootNode" and some other nodes like "Node1","Node2", Node3".

After creation of tree I want to rename the rootnode or any other node by manually. We can rename the node dynamically by using the method


But I want to change the name in manualy by the code level


 someMethod(Arg1 oldNodeName,Arg2 newNodeName)

Is there any way to do this?

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Assuming you are using a DefaultMutableTreeNode you could just change the UserObject (whose toString() method is what is used to display the node name) by calling: setUserObject() on the node you want to change.

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I'll assume you're using a tree with a DefaultTreeModel, using instances of DefaultMutableTreeNode.

You'll have to iterate through the tree nodes and find the one which has the oldNodeName as user object, then change its user object to newNodeName, and call the method nodeChanged of the tree model.

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