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in the below code, I have created a button inside the dialog box, but button is not center aligned, how to make it as center aligned?

var alert_dialog= new dijit.Dialog({ 
        id: "mydialog, 
        title: "My Alert", 
        content: "Hai" 
        }, this.name); 


//---------------- Button Creation Start -------------------------- 

var button = new dijit.form.Button({ 
        id: "Alert_Button_"+this.name, 
        label: "Close" 

button.set("class", "claro"); 

dojo.connect(button, "onClick", function(){ 



//---------------- Button Creation End -------------------------- 


alert_dialog._setStyleAttr('border : 1.5px solid #000000'); 
alert_dialog._setStyleAttr('background : #FFFFFF');
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I'm sure there many are many other good ways to do this, but this worked well when I tested it.

var node, button;
node = dojo.create("div", {style: "margin: 0px auto 0px auto; text-align: center;"}, alert_dialog.domNode);
button = new dijit.form.Button({ 
      label: "Close",
      'class': "claro",
      onClick: alert_dialog.destroy

also placing your class and onClick into the declaration of the button is a little cleaner looking and saves you some typing. you could also do the same with style and class for the dialog.

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This is a dojo AMD solution, I hope can help the discussion. It is a function that show an alert dialog with HTML content and a "Close" centered button.

], function(domConstruct, Dialog, Button){

function showAlertDialog(htmlmsg, title) {
    if(!title) title = "Alert";

    var saddlg = new Dialog({title: title, style: "width: 300px;"}); 

    saddlg.set('content', htmlmsg);

    var saddiv = domConstruct.create("div", { style: "text-align: center; background:  white;" }, saddlg.domNode);

    var sadbtn = new Button({ label: "Close",
                              onClick: function(){


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