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I am trying to build a click event on images which has a tipsy hover caption however the click event is not working in IE (8 only one tested).

Below is in a PHP while loop to create a tooltip for each colour element.

    $('.colour_tip_<?php echo($f['colour_id']); ?>').tipsy({fallback: "<?php echo($f['colour']); ?>", gravity: 's'});

Its like the caption is blocking the click event.

Any help is appreciated.

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We don't know what tipsy is, you'll have to tell us. Also, instead of the loop, just give them all the same class, and do it that way. – Rich Bradshaw Jul 12 '11 at 12:19
possible duplicate of jquery tipsy not firing onclick IE – sarnold Dec 25 '11 at 1:59
$(".colour_tip_<?php echo($f['colour_id']); ?>").attr('title','What ever text you want');  
$(".colour_tip_<?php echo($f['colour_id']); ?>").tipsy({trigger: 'manual', gravity: 'n'});  

Then when you know you have to show this tipsy, like onClick on those events, define onclick function of those images as:

$(".colour_tip_<?php echo($f['colour_id']); ?>").tipsy("show");
//also if you need to hide them on click/onfocus you can use this:              
//$(".colour_tip_<?php echo($f['colour_id']); ?>").attr('onclick', "hideTipsyOnMe(this);");

where hideTipsyOnMe is

function hideTipsyOnMe(div){

ANother way is to have a tipsy when you hover over that element (which I think is not what you want here but still),

Just put a title tag on your element on which you need a tipsy on hover and use

$(".mark_icon a").tipsy({live:true});
//works for me in all browsers
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