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I have a requirement where any date (DD.MM.YYYY) should be converted to last date of month (ex: If date is 20.01.1999 then it should convert into 31.01.1999) ?

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Exactly what are you having trouble with? COBOL or the algorithm? I'm guessing its COBOL.

I'm not going to give you a direct answer because you are obviously leaning the language and there is value in working out the specific details for yourself.

Here are a couple of hints:

Define a date field in WORKING-STORAGE so that you can pick out the day, month and year as separate items. Something like:

   05 TEST-DAY     PIC 99.
   05              PIC X.
   05 TEST-MONTH   PIC 99.
   05              PIC X.
   05 TEST-YEAR    PIC 9999.

Note the unnamed PIC X fields. These contain the day/month/year delimiters. They do not need to be given data names because you do not need to reference them. Sometimes this type of data item is given the name FILLER, but the name is optional.

Read up on the EVALUATE statement. Here is a link to the IBM Enterprise COBOL manual. This description of EVALUATE should be similar in all versions of COBOL.

MOVE the date of interest TO TEST-DATE. Now you can reference the year, month and day as individual items: TEST-DAY, TEST-MONTH and TEST-YEAR.

Use EVALUATE to test the month (TEST-MONTH). If the month is a 30 day month then MOVE 30 to TEST-DAY. Do the same for 31 day months. February is a special case because of leap years. Once you have determined that the month is February, test TEST-YEAR to determine if it is a leap year and MOVE 28 or 29 TO TEST-DAY depending on the outcome of the test.

Now TEST-DATE will contain the date you are looking for. MOVE it to wherever it is needed.

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You can use function integer-of-date which gives returns an integral value corresponding to any date. Assuming your input date is in ddmmyyyy format and you expect hte output in the same format. Lets say date is 20011999 and you want as 31011999. You can follow the below steps.

  • Increase the month of the input date by one. (20*02*1999)
  • Make the day as 01 and use function integer-of-date (*01*021999)
  • subtract one from the integer returned.
  • use function date-of-integer which will give you the required result.

Note here you will have to add one more check for handling December month.

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