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I am trying to create a pre-defined drop down list for C# ASP.NET MVC2. I am way confused on how to get this done... Boy did we have it easy in vanilla

But, let say I wanted the drop down list to have simple text like ... BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and values such as 1, 2, 3 or even "good", "better", "Best"... How would I create the Drop down list in the controller and how would I get it to the View?

What I have right now is

    List<SelectListItem> MRNList = new List<SelectListItem>
        new SelectListItem  { Text = "BMW", Value = "good", Selected = false},
        new SelectListItem  { Text = "Audi", Value = "better"},
        new SelectListItem  { Text = "Mercedes", Value = "Best"},                
    ViewData["MRNDROPDOWNLIST"] = MRNList.AsEnumerable();.

In my view I have...

    <%:Html.DropDownListfor("MRN", ViewData["MRNDROPDOWNLIST"]) %>

What am I missing here? I am getting a compile time error from Visual Studio telling me that I can't do that? But the Parameter for DropDownList definitely says that you can use An IEnumerable list to fill that param? I know I am missing something obvious here... Not sure what it is just yet... I will keep looking, but if any of you have any clues I would definitely appreciate it.


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Just figure it out... First thing... I was using DropDownListFor... I should have been using DropDownList()... Secondly, I need to cast my return from ViewData[] as a List of SelectedItems... That works and now I have a functioning drop down list... Thanks for the help anyway guys... –  DmainEvent Jul 12 '11 at 13:45

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ViewData["MRNDROPDOWNLIST"] is of type object and you will need to cast that to the correct type for the error to go away, which in this case would be to List<SelectListItem>:

<%:Html.DropDownListfor("MRN", (List<SelectListItem>)ViewData["MRNDROPDOWNLIST"])%>
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That's actually a good solution. I was going to answer my question but you did it for me. Thanks. –  DmainEvent Jul 13 '11 at 11:19

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