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I'm trying to add item details to show on the paypal invoice but nothing appears. I use SetPaymentOptions with the following values:

"payKey" => "$payKey",
"receiverOptions(0).customId" => "11",
"receiverOptions(0)" => "",
"receiverOptions(0).description" => "Invoice Title",
"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.item(0).name" => "Item name",
"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.item(0).itemCount" => "1.0",
"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.item(0).itemPrice" => "20.0",
"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.item(0).price" => "20.0",
"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.item(0).identifier" => "111",
"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.totalTax" => "0.0",
"requestEnvelope.errorLanguage" => "en_US",
"requestEnvelope.detailLevel" => "ReturnAll"

The code is in PHP and I'm using embedded payments. Does any have any idea why none of the details show on the invoice except for info passed in the paykey request? Thanks...

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I'm having the same problem, I'd like invoice data to show on the payment authorization page, but I can't find a setting for doing so – lencinhaus Oct 11 '11 at 8:38

itemCount should be an integer:

"receiverOptions(0).invoiceData.item(0).itemCount" => "1",

With that change (and a valid the SetPaymentOptions call is successful.

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