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I'm rewriting a legacy application that sends alphanumeric pager messages to pagers that our clients use for notification purposes. Seeing that pagers aren't very popular in the consumer markets anymore, it's difficult finding good APIs or gateways for sending messages to pagers.

Implementation for paging protocols by the telecom companies seem to be a bit fragmented and not one seems to be supported by all. The legacy app uses TAP and I'd like to get away from it if possible because its easier and cheaper to send a pager notification with a protocol like WCTP. SNPP is also an option, but not all pager companies supported it and WCTP completely.

Is there a relatively easy solution that anyone is using or has used? Or will we need to micromanage support for each individual pager carrier. Another problem I've encountered is there isn't just a few large telecom companies to deal with. There are also many, many small "hometown" pager companies that may be reluctant to use newer protocols or have resources to provide WCTP or SNPP gateways.

Maybe I'm missing another option all together, I'd love to read some experiences in the matter. As far as APIs go, I'd prefer .Net if possible. If not I can still make it happen either way.

Is SMS an option for pagers and is it a good one?

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