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How can I answer this two question properly?

1.What happens to a session object when the browser associated with it is closed?

2.Explain what happens when a servlet is sent a POST request?


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This sounds a lot like homework. What have you looked at so far; what you have read, which bits don't you understand, and is there anything specific that's giving you trouble? – Andrzej Doyle Jul 12 '11 at 14:21
Oh my god. Why you say that. Just from my friend's question and I really don't know how to answer him properly. – nich Jul 15 '11 at 11:22

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The session object is held until it is explicitly discarded or until the session timeout exceeds the amount of time since the session's last access.

In a POST message, the Jakarta engine decomposes the HTTP message (storing each variable into the Java appropriate data structures) and then passes the entire request to the servlet through the doPost(...) method. It is almost exactly as it would be in a GET except that it has an extra map of variables to values.

In the event that you need even better descriptions (as the above glosses over many important details) you can always refer to the definitive specifcation for Servlets (in this case Servlets 2.4).

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