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I'm trying to use Susy as the grid element in a project


FYI I'm also using the following libraries

  • Compass
  • Assetic
  • Symfony (2.x)
  • Ubuntu (10.4)

When I try to import susy in my sass file

@import "compass/reset"
@import "compass/css3"
@import "susy" <- This line causes a server internal error (500)

I'm sure that this is because compass is unable to locate the susy files to include. Can someone with a successful installation please tell me where these susy files should be located? After installing the compass-susy-plugin using gem installer I can see the following...

ubuntu@ubuntu-desktop:/$ locate susy

It only seems to have saved the susy files into the examples folder - should it also have copied them into the 'frameworks' or libs folder (it hasnt)?

Or is the above correct - in which case how do the 'import' decelerations in the compass file relate to (from the files system POV) the sass files themselves?

BTW: Everything is working great except for this one issue.

P.S If someone with a rep of over 1500 want to create two new tags then 'Assetic' and 'Susy' should be attached to this post

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It looks like the susy gem didn't install properly. I uninstalled/reinstalled and the gem now shows up when I do a gem list as compass-susy-plugin.

Everything now works - I would add that I also needed to add the line require 'susy' to my compass configuration.

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