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I would like to include a .cpp-file in two different targets (becoming two VS projects after running CMake). I would like to set different COMPILE_FLAGS for these projects.

However, when I do

ADD_EXECUTABLE(project1 myfile.cpp)
ADD_EXECUTABLE(project2 myfile.cpp)

the "flags2" applies for both projects, so it seems like the properties are overwritten in line 3 and not considered in line 2. Is this true or am I missing something? Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you!

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Apply the set_target_properties command to the projects and not to the source files:

add_executable(project1 myfile.cpp)
set_target_properties(project1 PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS "flags1")
add_executable(project2 myfile.cpp)
set_target_properties(project2 PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS "flags2")

The flags set on the target will apply to all sources within the target.

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thanks, but I am setting precompiled header options and they must be different for the precompiled.cpp and the other .cpps. –  Philipp Jul 12 '11 at 19:31

If you adhere to a one target per subdirectory philosophy, you could do the following using add_definitions to add your compile flags.

# in ./CMakeLists.txt

# in ./project1/CMakeLists.txt:
add_executable(project1 ../myfile.cpp)

# in ./project2/CMakeLists.txt:
add_executable(project2 ../myfile.cpp)

add_definitions applies to all files compiled in this subdirectory and those under it. You can apply flags to specific files using the following:

set_source_files_properties(myfile.cpp PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS "flags")
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I solve this problem as follows. In CMakeLists.txt:

set_target_properties (test1 PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "TARGET_ID=1")
set_target_properties (test2 PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "TARGET_ID=9")

set_source_files_properties (source1.cpp PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "FILE_ID=7")
set_source_files_properties (source2.cpp PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "FILE_ID=4")

In some header file:

  #if TARGET_ID==1 && FILE_ID==7
    #define SPECIAL_VALUE 17
  #elif TARGET_ID==1 && FILE_ID==4
    #define SPECIAL_VALUE 14
  #elif TARGET_ID==9 && FILE_ID==7
    #define SPECIAL_VALUE 97
  #elif TARGET_ID==9 && FILE_ID==4
    #define SPECIAL_VALUE 94

Further, include above-mentioned header in both source1.cpp and source2.cpp and compile I think, CMake has no more acceptable solution

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