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im so confused with the CSS Pseudo classes :focus or :active,because it works well with :hover in ie8 ,but don't work with :focus or :active. like this:

<!doctype html>
#target{ display:block; width:1em; height:1em; background:lightgreen; }
a[href="#target"]:focus~#target{ width:10em; height:10em;  }
<a href="#target">target</a>
<div id="target" ></div>

when i use :active to replace :focus,the same problem happened,but :hover works well~ when i use :focus or :active without ~ ,it works well too. that's confused~ TX~

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:focus for a tags only happens when you use the tab key to get the link you want. :active for a tags is the equivalent of onmousedown.

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