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I want to add a vibration feedback for a game i'm developing, together a music play, like "winner" and a vibrate pattern.

The problem is that when I add the vibrate sentences, my app crashes.

For example:

 private void Down()

    for (int i=0 ; i<8 ; i++) {
      for (int j=0 ; j<12 ; j++) {
        if (Play[i][j] != null) {

          if (Play[i][j].getSpritePosition().y>=380) {
            endOfGame = true;

            vib = (Vibrator)getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE); 


It is not inside an activity, so I can't implement something like this Vibrator v = (Vibrator) getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE), because it is an activity statement. I tried to declare public Vibrator vib; and then implement the code I showed above, but when the game lost is recived the application crashes.

I also tried to do it via "notification", but the same result, app crashes.

Any idea how can I implement vibrate on it?


P.S.: I have android.permission.VIBRATE, so is not the problem. In fact I got virbation working on menu.

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What is your error? Please print your stack trace. – Otra Jul 12 '11 at 14:52

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I declare a public vibrator object in the activity that calls the game object. In my case the onCreate activity launches a MainGamePanel that extends a surfaceView. So in the onCreate activity I declare the vibrator object and initialize it with

public static Vibrator v;

v = (Vibrator) getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE);

//Then when I want to game to vibrate, inside of MainGamePanel I call

long[] pattern = { 0, 200, 500 };

DroidzActivity.v.vibrate(pattern, 0);

Hope this helps!

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wooaah thank you!! It helps me so much, infact it solved my problem!! :) – Oriol Jul 12 '11 at 16:51

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