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I'm contemplating creating a web application using a Ruby on Rails/MySQL stack and I am wondering what capabilities are available around web services and SOAP. Is there a capability within the framework or does it require an extension and if so what?

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Rails has opted for REST over SOAP in the default framework. It's not hard to go the SOAP route if you want to, though.

I don't recommend soap4r - as of a few months ago, anyway, it wasn't production quality. The updated version of ActionWebService has worked much better for me.

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Rails opted for REST over SOAP:

It’ll probably come as no surprise that Rails has picked a side in the SOAP vs REST debate. Unless you absolutely have to use SOAP for integration purposes, we strongly discourage you from doing so. As a naturally extension of that, we’ve pulled ActionWebService from the default bundle. It’s only a gem install actionwebservice away, but it sends an important message none the less.

Still, if you must use SOAP, there's always soap4r, but it only supports SOAP 1.1. A better option might be WSF/Ruby. Mark Thomas has an example controller to help you get up and running.

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The old way in Rails was to use the Action Web Service framework. The preferred way now is to use the ActiveResource framework for RESTful web services.

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FYI, that ActionWebService link (to the APIs at is for an old version that won't work with Rails 2. Check out the datanoise-actionwebservice on github for an updated version. – Sarah Mei Mar 20 '09 at 19:32

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