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hi im trying to dump a iframe data to a var in jquery and using that as a souce, basically the src for iframe is a txt file with \n delimiter heres the code, cant seem to get the autocomplete to work, the text file is about 50 kb , about 3000-4000 lines of splitting to be done

var Data = $('#friends').contents().text().split('\n');//iframe contents

            source: Data

        $("#searchBox").bind("autocompleteselect", function (event, ui) {
            var profileSearchRequest = ui.item.value;
            localStorage.setItem('profileSearchRequest', profileSearchRequest);//just some html5 localStorage here...
            document.location = 'user.html';//just to do something once an li item on autocomplete is clicked...

<input type="text" class="ui-button-text searchBox" id="searchBox" />    
<iframe src="data/nameslite.txt" id="friends" style="display: none"></iframe>

is the data like too big to store in a variable, cause the names list in the txt file is like about 3k-4k names about 50-80kb

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In this case (with 3000-4000 lines), your best bet is to move the filtering logic off of the client and onto the server. –  Andrew Whitaker Jul 12 '11 at 16:47
thanks andrew, im mostly moving to that itself –  Yohann Jul 13 '11 at 16:32

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