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i'm using fluent ribbon, which has this class "GalleryItem" that extends ListBoxItem. In this class, an event handler to the IsSelected property changed is registered:

IsSelectedProperty.AddOwner(typeof (GalleryItem), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(false,FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions.None, OnIsSelectedPropertyChanged));

Unfortunattely, the event handler has a bug, and i don't want to edit the project source code, naturally, so i've subclassed the GalleryItem to a "CustomGalleryItem" and do the following in the static construction:

IsSelectedProperty.AddOwner(typeof(CustomGalleryItem),new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(false, FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions.None, OnIsSelectedPropertyChanged)); }

However, both event handlers are called when "IsSelected" changes.. what are my options? (i wish to override the event handler of the "GalleryItem"

Thanks in advance

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Have you tried using the DependencyProperty.OverrideMetadata() method. This might replace the change handler, rather than simply adding another owner.

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Yes, i've tried. The behavior is the same as AddOwner(...) –  André Carvalho Jul 12 '11 at 16:10

This problem has been logged as an issue on the Fluent codeplex page here, and has been solved in release 62947 and up, which can be downloaded here

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