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Now, I have a situation where I alias a lot of ips on a single dev exposed by linux system. this dev is lets say ethX.

Now on ethX I add many ips from a subnet.


It appears that the port range is shared for all ips on the ethx. which means: if I use add an ip x.y.a.b on ethx and use port 5552 now i add an ip y.x.b.a on ethx and try to use 5552 -> this cannot be done

Can anyone confirm this?

addition is done using ip2 utils (ip addr add xxxx dev xxxx) etc.

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A TCP connection is identified by the tuple (interface, source address, source port, dest address, dest port), so no, ports are not shared.

What do you mean by use? Do you mean bind()? You should be able to bind() to the same port on different addresses, though you may need to use SO_REUSEADDR, I don't remember the specifics.

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See my case is : I am using one pc that has two nics. each is expposed as a eth say eth0 and eth1. So theres a eth0 on which I have aliased ips {x.y.0.1/16 to x.y.255.254/16} ok? so these are ~64k addresses. Now when I try to connect to a remote server (rIP:rPort), then after ~28k connect() throws error, on doing a manual connection using nc, it says couldn't bind to address. The expected behaviour should have been all 64k connect to the same rIP:rport server address. But that isnt happening, I am curious why? One point is the epehemeral port range on this pc is ~28k –  nikhilelite Jul 13 '11 at 0:16
There is something known as a preferred src address. Do a netstat -tan. Is every connection using the same source IP? If so, you may need to manually bind() to a free IP:port before doing a connect(). –  ninjalj Jul 13 '11 at 6:17
I already do that bind before connect. after the alias is done, i bind with that new ip to device and then do a connect. I am pretty sure that its the ip_local_port_range thats limiting me, since i increased it and now i can scale upto 50k. however i am still not sure what to make of this... –  nikhilelite Jul 14 '11 at 5:45
@nikhilelite: I can perfectly do ip a add dev eth0; nc -s -p 5555 22 nc -s -p 5555 22 on my machine, and netstat -tanp | grep 5555 shows the 2 connections (2 lines each). –  ninjalj Jul 14 '11 at 6:33

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