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I am interested in designing a very simple game (just for learning purposes I have no grand plans). I want to have a deformable terrain system (think Minecraft) but something a little more complex.

I understand that Mine Craft uses a concept called voxels. I also not that voxels aren't exactly good on the CPU side but that can be accomplished now-adays through some GPU trickery (again no idea just from what I have read so far).

So far voxels seem like the way to go, but they arent what I am looking for. They allow overhangs and caves, but they look very simple.

I want a very large and expansive terrain that I can deform and manipulate freely with overhangs. I understand I would have to implement some sort of paging for the size of landscapes, maybe even three dimensional paging for the type of terrain I am thinking of.

I have looked a little bit at ROAM but it's a lot to learn and I am not sure if its the right direction. I have seen that possibly the way to go is with layered heightmaps, and then use geomipmapping with meshes for tunnels and such in between (if that makes any sense).

Basically looking for a good algorithm and place to start that involves huge terrains that are completely deformable in a way that allows overhangs, cliffs, tunnels and caves.

It doesn't have to be beautiful but not blocky like in Mine Craft.

Any direction on where to start researching would be of great help.


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Voxels don't have to be blocky - that's a stylisic choice on behalf of MineCraft. I wrote an article about voxel terrain here: http://books.google.com/books?id=WNfD2u8nIlIC&lpg=PR1&dq=game%20engine%20gems&pg=PA39#v=onepage&q&f=false

You can also check out my library here: http://thermite3d.org/joomla/

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Despite this question is about 2d it could be your start point.

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