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I'm quite new to ruby development, and i'm currently working on a project in ruby 1.8.7 using rails 2.3.11, and I was wondering if there is an equivalent in this language to C#'s linq for the collection manipulation, such as a where clause.

Thank you.

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The equivalent of where of Linq in Ruby is find_all

Check the documentation for the Enumerable Module for other functions.

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You can do similar stuff as in linq, anyhow the syntax is rather different. You would write something like this:

a.select { |i|
    (do something with item i and decide whether 
     it should be added to the output array 
     or not by returning true or false)

Assuming a is an array, this code would return a new array containing the elements that passed your validation code.

Documentation of the array class

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named scopes may be what you are looking for...I think rails 3.1 has some more in depth "where" like stuff, as well.

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