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I want to run a program which changes the background depending on which gender you choose in a edit list.

Shoes.app do 
    para "your gender"
    list_box :items => ["female", "male"], 
    width => 120, :choose => "weiblich" do |list|
        @gender.text = list.text

    @gender = para "#{@gender}"

    button "change colours" do

        if @gender ="female"
            background (deeppink)
        else @gender ="male"
            background (dodgerblue)

The problem is - whatever I do, if I use the if-statement, suddenly always "female" is in the variable and my background is pink, altough when I pick "male". If I just do

button "change colours" do
para @gender

the right gender is in the variable @gender. Does anybody know what the problem is?

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You need if @gender == "female" and if @gender == "male" - note the two = symbols.

You're performing an assignment, not testing equality.

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great! What an embarassing failure... thanks! –  Kirinriki Jul 12 '11 at 16:22
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