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I would like to install the iOS Beta 3 on my iPhone 4 but I also have a couple of updates I'm working on that I want to submit in the coming weeks. So I was wondering can I still submit these app updates if I've tested them using iOS 5 Beta 3 on my device?

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Perhaps you should read the documentation from Apple with regards submitting apps using the Betas. And while you're there, you could read the NDA that you've signed as well. –  Nick Bull Jul 12 '11 at 17:11

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Well first of all you should never install a beta on a device that isn't dedicated to testing as it will be insanely buggy.

Other than that you should be fine providing you...

1) Install the iOS 5 SDK in a separate directory because the beta SDK can't submit apps to the App Store.

2) Don't use any iOS 5 specific APIs in your app because this will cause issues on any other OS version.

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No, you need to download the beta of Xcode that works with iOS 5 in order to test them on your device, and this version of Xcode is not enabled for submitting apps to the App Store.

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