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I would like to redirect the output from a command to a file and to stdout. I am using Windows XP command line.

I realize that there is a command in linux called tee which will do this, but I want this in windows.

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Use tee for windows.

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Posting a link to Google isn't helpful. –  Brian Oct 7 '13 at 16:04

The first hit when googling windows tee gives UNIX-style tee utility for Windows

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The simple DOS shell doesn't have the ability to do this simultaneously.
Try using:

Windows PowerShell



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If using tee (one of the various Windows variants) isn't an option and the command isn't long-running or you don't need to do further processing of the output in real time, then

command > file && type file

would do that for you. But only under the mentioned circumstances. You're probably be better off using tee.

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PowerShell has tee-object (standard alias tee) if you are using a decent shell.

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