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I have placed an UISegmentedControl into my XIB file. Basically, when the the second tab of the control is tapped (aka segment 1, the first segment is segment 0), I want to unhide a text field. I know how to unhide the text field, but how do I detect which part of the segmented control the user has tapped?

[textField setHidden:NO];
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You should hook up your segmeted controls valueChanged action in IB to a method in your view controller that checks your segmented controls selectedSegmentIndex.

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Create an IBAction like the one below and connect it to the valueChanged action in Interface Builder.

- (IBAction)segmentedControlChanged:(id)sender
   UISegmentedControl *s = (UISegmentedControl *)sender;

   if (s.selectedSegmentIndex == 1)
      [countTextField setHidden:NO];
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You should add a target-action for the control event UIControlEventValueChanged and check the selectedSegmentIndex of the segmented control.

If it is 1 then hide the text field.

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