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I have this page

There is a link on the page to

How can I extract tom-brandy in my view that renders the signup page?

I was thinking of using request.META['HTTP_REFERER'] and using string manipulation to get it but it sounds like a wrong way to go about this.

Is there a better way to do this?

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You could explicitly pass the user information to the signup link as a get parameter /signup/?user=tom-brandy

You could also use the session to set an arbitrary variable in the user pages and pull it in the signup page. That would probably be the cleanest and most transparent method.

('user/(?P<user>[\w-]+)/', 'my.user_view')

def user_view(request, user):
    request.session['last_visited_user_page'] = user
    # ...

def signup_view(request):
    last_visited_user_page = request.session.get('last_visited_user_page')
    # ...
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You can use a regular expression on your urls that extracts tom-brandy out of and passes that as a first argument to your signup view

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You can use HttpRequest.path_info or HttpRequest.path as required.

The relevant documentation: HttpRequest.path_info

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