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Possible Duplicate:
What are some good sample applications using Spring and Hibernate?

i'm new to spring mvc 3.0.2 and hibernate 3.5 Final, can you please any one give example project for spring and hibernate with annotation. i'm using netbeans 7.0

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The petclinic project should be what you are looking for

(I would suggest getting spring 3.1.M2 and hibernate 3.6.x - they are the latest versions)

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This is a good example to get started with spring+hibernate with annotations. But this example uses maven, i guess that is not a problem for you.

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appfuse gives template application on which you can build your own.

Working demo Spring MVC + Spring + Hibernate and instructions

Use username admin and password admin to login as an administrator - user/user will allow you to login as a user.

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