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I'm currently using PixelLab's BOT (Bag o' Tricks) for its ReorderListBox control, but I've noticed some major slowdowns on the mousedown of a list item.

I've tracked it down to the way the control creates its DragPreviewAdorner, specifically the GetCurrentDPI method, which is implemented simply as:

Matrix m = PresentationSource.FromVisual(visual)
x = 96 / m.M11;
y = 96 / m.M22;

Thing is, for my list items, M11 and M22 are coming back as tiny numbers, thereby giving very large DPI (x = 100000, and y = 5500). Consequently, the calling code ends up creating an enormous in-memory bitmap, which in turn causes a delay when garbage collected.

My question is: what might be causing these seemingly erroneous values in the transform? Everything looks fine on-screen. :-/


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Starting to think the debugger must've been lying to me about variables' values, as I can't repeat these numbers now. However, the call to the RenderTargetBitmap ctor is still taking ages, despite the bitmap being a perfectly reasonable size (approx 1000 x 60). Seems like it's triggering garbage collection regardless. – Mal Ross Jul 13 '11 at 12:10

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