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I am Using jQuery Validation Plugin 1.8.1.Here my Web form contains various controls like Text box, dropdown List ,User Controls etc. Each control has validations (Required fields, Emails)
input id="email" name="email" class="{validate:{required:true,email:true}}"
Now my page has Save & Submit button, here as per the requirement if the user clicks on save button the user would able to save the form (incomplete form also) , in this case user should not be prompted for required field(if he is leaving any).The data would save as Draft he may re-continue later but if he Clicks on Submit all validations as tagged with each controls would apply.

    <script type="text/javascript">

        $().ready(function () {
         invalidHandler: function (form, validator) {  }

    var container = $("div.container");

        errorContainer: container,
        errorLabelContainer: $("ul", container),
        wrapper: 'li',
        meta: "validate"

Above is the Base validation method written in Master Page. Any idea how to achieve this???

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Set 'Save' button's UseSubmitBehavior property false value

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For the save button simply set the class to "cancel" instead of "submit". This will skip the validation.

Answer can be seen here:

jQuery validate(); Only validate on click of one type of submit button


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