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I'm looking for some help in designing a strategy to automate deployment of a web application's assets (images, css, js) to Rackspace's Cloud Files (CDN) service.

I currently use git push to deploy the web app to a remote server. So here's one way I'm thinking this could happen. Are there any better/cleaner methods?

  • Dev makes changes to an asset file (css, js, or an image)
  • Dev commits his changes
  • Dev pushes his changes to the server
  • Assets are automatically renamed to eliminate cache issues (append git version?) and sent to the CDN
  • Referencing code would be automatically updated to new filename

FYI, this is a PHP app in CodeIgniter 2.x if it matters.

Happy to hear any ideas, alternative or not.

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I recently faced the same problem and found the swift console tool to be very useful for scripted upload to rackspace cloud files. see my answer: serverfault.com/questions/421622/… –  user3096626 Jan 14 at 22:18

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I've not found anything to automatically do it.

You can use the Rack Space Cloud File API ( http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud_hosting_products/files/api/ ) to upload files to Rackspace's CDN aware containers.

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I'm not aware of anything, but you could probably script something to do this without too much work.

Check out Fog or the official ruby-cloudfiles gem from Rackspace.

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This might be what you're looking for:


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This github repository will do at least part of what you are asking.


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Since you're using PHP you should seriously consider using the Rackspace PHP SDK. You can find sample code for working with the CDN service. It'll be a lot easier to work with than writing directly to the Cloud Files API.

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There's a paid service http://beanstalkapp.com/features/deployments for auto deployments to cloud files or other servers.

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try this its completely automated: https://github.com/rumblelabs/asset_sync

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