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my simple goal is following: i would get the news feed from a facebook group, but only the messages from the administration himself. as a examples, i would get the news from this groupb

But only the posts from the admin and not the fan-posts. i tried the facebook graph api, but i only get all posts from the wall. i don't find any filter or working param to fix this. then i saw the rss-link on the fanpage and tried to fetch this... in this feed are only the admin-posts, but only 30 or less... and not enough data as in the json from the graph.

Have anybody a working solution to fix this problem: i only need a clean json response from facebook with all admin-posts from a fanpage, that's it :-)

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up vote 0 down vote accepted basically graph api only you don't get all the fans posts...

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Thanks, that's it. Simple change the /feed in the URL with /posts – volf Jul 14 '11 at 4:25

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