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I'm out of my element here so please forgive me if I dont ask this correctly/clearly.

I have a table of users with lat/long for each one.

I get a query from a federal agency that provides either a polygon or a circle like this:

<polygon>38.47,-120.14 38.34,-119.95 38.52,-119.74 38.62,-119.89 38.47,-120.14</polygon>
<circle>32.9525,-115.5527 0</circle>

Given either of these two inputs, I need to return all users within the polygon or circle.

I've looked all over, read all the mysql spatial docs etc. and I am either missing a step or just not grokking the query method.

ANY help would be appreciated!

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Is that 0 in the <circle> the radius? If so, then you'll have zero people inside that circle, unless they're ultra-anorexic. – Marc B Jul 12 '11 at 19:20
LOL Sample Data! – Pete Jul 14 '11 at 11:53
For Circles, I hope it helps...… – Shubhansh Aug 3 '12 at 18:34

Have you read ?

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Believe it or not, that's the ONE blog I hadn't found! It's now safely bookmarked. – Pete Jul 14 '11 at 11:54

This is the answer that I came up with and appears to be working:

First, I altered the table by adding a field to hold the spatial points created from the users lat/lon:

UPDATE users set location = PointFromText(CONCAT('POINT(',lat,' ',lon,')'))
CREATE SPATIAL INDEX location ON users(location);

From there, I'm using this to query to find the users within the polygon:

SET @bbox = 'POLYGON((38.47,-120.14 38.34,-119.95 38.52,-119.74 38.62,-119.89 38.47,-120.14))';
SELECT * , AsText( location ) 
FROM users
WHERE Intersects( location, GeomFromText( @bbox ) ) ;

For new users I created a trigger to update the location from the lat/lon (user can't be added without a lat\lon):

DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `users_insert_defaults`;
CREATE TRIGGER `users_insert_defaults` BEFORE INSERT ON `users`
 FOR EACH ROW SET NEW.location = PointFromText(CONCAT('POINT(',,' ',NEW.lon,')'))
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For a circle, you would need to compute the distance from the circle center to each of the lat/lon's in your persons list. If the distance is less than the radius of the circle, that person is inside the circle. Typical formula for computing distances between 2 lat/lon's along the 'great circle' is called the haversine formula. The website below shows this formula in javascript.

For a general polygon, this is much harder. For general point in a polygon, the Point Inclusion Test seems to work assuming a trivial Equirectanglular projection (x = lon, y = lat).

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Thanks Trey.. I'm already using the haversine to pull all users with 'x' miles of a starting lat/long... it's really a problem of dealing with the polygon/circle as spatial shapes. – Pete Jul 14 '11 at 11:53

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