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Error tells me that "No '-setRosterForBoat:' method found".

What I am doing is attempting to pass an array backwards through the Navigation Controller stack that i have.

In the viewContoller that I am attempting to pass the array to I have it set up in the .h like so:

NSArray *rosterForBoat;
@property(nonatomic, retain) NSArray *rosterForBoat;

But the program runs fine and the array gets set with the proper objects. Should I hate to just ignore this, does anyone have any suggestions?

   CoCoachAppDelegate *appDelegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];

   NSArray *arr = [[NSArray alloc] initWithArray:appDelegate.boatNavController.viewControllers];

   [appDelegate.boatNavController popToViewController:[arr objectAtIndex:1] animated:YES];

   [[arr objectAtIndex:1] setRosterForBoat:tempRowers];
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Since you are using the rosterForBoat array as property, I would synthesize it and set it the following way:

CoCoachAppDelegate *appDelegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];
NSArray *arr = [[NSArray alloc] initWithArray:appDelegate.boatNavController.viewControllers];

ViewController *view_controller = [arr objectAtIndex:1];
[appDelegate.boatNavController popToViewController:view_controller animated:YES];

view_controller.rosterForBoat = tempRowers;

Hope this helps...

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The issue is that NSArray doesn't define a type like other language's arrays. So, when you use objectAtIndex:, it comes back at the generic 'id' type.

If you want to make the warning go away, do something like:

    YourViewController * controller = [arr objectAtIndex: 1];
    [controller setRosterForBoat: tempRowers];

And make sure that you define setRosterForBoat: in your view controller's .h file.

Edit: And to answer your other question: it works because Objective-C uses message passing to communicate between instances. At compile time, XCode can't find Class->Method relationship between 'id' and setRosterForBoat:, but during runtime, because that method happens to exist for your view controller, everything works swimmingly.

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nice addition to my solution...+1 – Sascha Galley Jul 12 '11 at 22:58

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