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I have two files htmlpage1.htm and webform1.aspx

htmlpage1.htm contains a anchor tag with href="webform1.aspx?name=abc+xyz".

When i try to access the querystring in page_load of webform1.aspx, i get "abc xyz" (abc [space] xyz). I want exact value in querystring "abc+xyz"

Note: href value cannot be changed

Any help will be appreciated

Thank You.

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This will Server.UrlDecode for you:

Request.QueryString["name"] // "abc xyz"

Option 1) You can re-encode

Server.UrlEncode(Request.QueryString["name"]); // "abc+xyz"

or get the raw query data

Request.Url.Query // "?name=abc+xyz"

Option 2) Then parse the value

Request.Url.Query.Substring(Request.Url.Query.IndexOf("name=") + 5) // "abc+xyz"
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ASP.net will decode the query string for your. you can get the raw query string and parse it yourself if you want.

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Try webform1.aspx?name=abc%2Bxyz

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cannot change href value....:( – Faizal Balsania Jul 12 '11 at 19:37
@Faizal In that case, if you don't expect space in your name query parameter, just replace space with +. – Bala R Jul 12 '11 at 19:39

Use this :
Request.QueryString["name"].Replace(" ","+");
// Refer below link for more info

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