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I am updating legacy code and I need to use a simple mathematical function inside a subroutine. I cannot figure out how to do this. I have a function that works when called from a test program. What do I need to do differently for a subroutine?


subroutine foo(i,j,k)

i = bar(j,k)

stuff = otherstuff


other info: bar is an erf approximation. I am using the PGF90 compiler. I am new to FORTRAN from C.


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What is the exact problem you're encountering? Do you get an error message? During compiling? During linking? When running the program? Be more specific than "I have a problem". –  eriktous Jul 13 '11 at 11:04
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Basically, calling from a program or a subroutine shouldn't differ. Does the code really look like this, without any declarations? This means all variables will have implicit types: variables with names starting with the letters i-n will be integer, all others real; this also holds for function return values. The code you show, tries to assign a real (bar()) to an integer (i).

If you're writing new code, always start programs and procedures with IMPLICIT NONE. This forces you to explicitly include type declarations for all variables and function return values, greatly reducing errors.

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