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Firefox has a security privilege called UniversalBrowserRead, with which I'm able to read the history entries of the current window. There's also a UniversalBrowserWrite, but I couldn't use it to change history entries, like:"UniversalBrowserRead");"UniversalBrowserWrite");
for(var i = 0; i < history.length; i++)

Does anyone know how to make it work (if possible at all)?


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You'd need UniversalXPConnect to modify the history that way.

Note that enablePrivilege is deprecated and being slowly removed, so I wouldn't write new code depending on it...

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When I Google'd for '"UniversalBrowserWrite");' this was the third result:

Firefox and UniversalBrowserWrite privilege

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I have seen this one, which has nothing to do with changing history entries. – Felipe Sodre Silva Jul 12 '11 at 20:13

You can't...

In the table 'JavaScript Features Requiring Privileges'

history object:

Getting the value of any property <=>UniversalBrowserRead

Setting the preference property <=> UniversalBrowserWrite

It says you can change preference, not value.

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the best you can do in javascript is change the last entry using location.replace()

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