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Getting the following error setting up ACS/Facebook integration:

HTTP Error Code: 502 Message: ACS40000: An error occurred while processing a Facebook sign-in response. This may be caused by invalid configuration of the Facebook application. Inner Message: ACS40001: An error occurred while attempting to get an access token from Facebook. Inner Message: ACS90005: Web exception Trace ID:
988ec1a7-e02b-4dcf-abab-51812745a121 Timestamp: 2011-07-12 19:59:51Z

I've verified that App ID, App Secret, Site URL and Site Domain have all been set.

For Site Url, we're using

For Site Domain, we're using

I'm using the following as a guideline:

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Just checked my (working) settings. Differences I see:

  • I did not enter a Site Domain over at Facebook
  • On the ACS side, I have "Application permissions" set to "email" (not sure if you have something entered there?)
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Thanks... not sure what the issue was but re-generating the application secret and syncing it w/ ACS management portal seemed to have fixed it. – Nariman Jul 13 '11 at 12:07

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