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I've recently started using Flex and Adobe's Flash Builder 4.5, and I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the number of frameworks and classes. I'm aware of Adobe's online ActionScript documentation, but so far I haven't found it very easy to navigate. I'm sure it'll get easier as I use it more, but I'd like to know:

Am I missing any really great ActionScript resources? Is there some reference, either printed or online, that's your go-to guide to Flash and Flex?

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Visit Adobe Flex Cookbook found here. Cookbook is a community driven forum (and me in one of O'Reilly's Flex cookbooks ;-). Adobe TV's Developer Training Videos are very helpful and often provide step by step instructions.

Component Explorer might be of interest, since it shows Flex control UIs and the associated code to make the UI element. Tour de Flex too.

Flex Developer Center is a good learning place too.

Other stuff by category:

Architectural frameworks

  • RobotLegs a AS 3 framework
  • Swiz Framework aims to bring complete simplicity to RIA development (Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection, event mediation,...)
  • Caingorm is Adobe's own MVC lib
  • PureMVC

Collections of Flex stuff

General purpose frameworks

Special purpose frameworks

Tools for developers

  • Badger builds deployment containers for AIR apps from Grant Skinner
  • FlairLoc localizes Flex applications using the Google Translate API
  • Adobe Launchpad helps to create projects with certain features pre-enabled
  • Amethyst is Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 addon
  • FDT is an alternate IDE from German Powerflasher GmbH

Flex-like languages and systems

  • OpenLaszlo allows to build RIAs, which may to compiled down to DHTML and Flash - using a single source base.

Flash Builder for free

Adobe provides fully functional free copies of Flash Builder 4.5 here for students, faculty and staff. Additionally, software developers affected by the current economic conditions may apply for a free license here.

Have a lot of fun!

PS: In case you need to parse languages, ANTLR has Flash runtime support. Unfortunately, it is broken right now.

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I'll add – Nate Jul 12 '11 at 21:48
Thank you, @Nate. – SteAp Jul 12 '11 at 21:50
I have some misgivings about the mentioning of Component Explorer, Degrafa, Cairngorm and PureMVC. I don't know if those libraries represent the current state of development in the Flex world. Component Explorer and Degrafa's utility has been sidestepped by the new skinning architecture of Flex 4+. PureMVC and Cairngorm are first generation frameworks which have been consigned to the realm of obsolescence and legacy applications by a host of less intrusive frameworks. – FlexFiend Jul 13 '11 at 15:54
Hm, yes, that's right. Unfortunately, I'm don't know about newer stuff. – SteAp Jul 13 '11 at 19:12
Great suggestions -- thanks for answering. I'm much more interested in the core libraries than in add-on stuff, but I'll take a look at the frameworks you linked as soon as I get another free evening. What I looked at so far is quite interesting. Thanks again. – Caleb Jul 14 '11 at 3:11

Honestly; this is how I learned (and continue to learn):

First, I would read through the Adobe docs, from cover to cover and do all the samples. You can probably do this in a week if it's all you do. Don't focus on the ASDocs, but rather the 'book' documentation that teaches you how to develop.

Second, whenever I need to look at ASDocs, I Google them. If I'm looking for the DataGrid reference, I might search for "Flex DataGrid" or "Flex 4.5 DataGrid" or "Flex 4.5 DataGrid" It'll bring me a link straight to the adobe ActionScript reference.

When I need help beyond that, I often go to twitter; which--based on my network--is shockingly quick at providing detailed concise answers.

Also check out my answer to this question. Here are the relevant bits:

My blog post on resources to learn Flex.

To quote a relevant passage:

There are a lot of places to go to learn about Flex development. Most people, including me, start with the Adobe documentation and plug through that. Then we look for resources to fill the gaps left by the Adobe Documentation.

Tons of books exists. The O'Rielly seem to be popular, as are the Training from the Source books. You can take a look at Adobe's Flex in a Week sessions. I believe and TotalTraining also have courses available.

My primary podcast, The Flex Show, provides a bunch of free screencasts on various topics. I also produce the Flextras Friday Lunch which is more free form but covers a wider range of topics.

Here is a StackOverflow post on the topic. Here is another. And another. The Adobe documentation is going to have the most up to date stuff on mobile development.

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