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Is there a keyboard shortcut in Xcode 4 to switch the build target destination; that is, to switch from simulator to device and vice versa?

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There is, is called Destination>select next destination. Go in the prefs in xcode and then in the key bindings tab, search for that, it will show what key it is set at.

For me, is cmd+alt+ctrl+] and [ to switch. Is quite useful, saves a few seconds.

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In Xcode 4.6, the shortcut is ctrl+option+cmd+[ and ctrl+option+cmd+]

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You can write applescript and bind it to some hotkey (using FastScripts for example - free up to ten bindings). Next script will click for you on your scheme button in the Xcode toolbar:

tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Xcode"
        click ((pop up buttons of list 1 of group 2 of tool bar 1 of front window) whose description is "Active Run Destination")
    end tell
end tell

then you can just use Up/Down to switch destination. Note that you need to enable access for assistive devices under the SystemPreferences -> Accessibility

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You can go to the edit scheme menu with cmd+< which is actually cmd+shift+.

You should know

  • Build: cmd+B
  • Run: cmd+R
  • Test: cmd+U
  • Profile: cmd+I
  • Analyze: shift+cmd+B

But there isn't a command just to switch between the iPhone simulator, iPad simulator, and all of your external.

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Riffing on off Comradsky, the answer is then:

Cmd+Shift+, then Tab then Up/Down

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