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Let me start out by saying I've tried to read the CakePHP book as much as I can for this particular topic, and for whatever reason, I just cannot figure this out.

I have a few models:


  • each person can have many jobs
  • each job has one branch and each branch belongsTo one city.

At first I was relying on recursive, but its not customizable enough (obviously) do get the data that I want.

I either get WAY too much data in my output array, or hardly any at all.. I just can't figure this containable out, and if I could see an example of what I'm trying to do it would be great...


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Can you be a little more specific with some example instead of just linking to your Github repository? – deceze Jul 13 '11 at 1:48
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since you've read the Cookbook up and down I won't go through all the basic details with you and just try to explain how to use the containable.

You can use the containable with the find-functions from your models. Either from your controller or directly from your model.
Most of the time I use the controller so I will give you an example how you would do it from there. I also try to use your specific example, so you have something to work with.


function index() {
    //I like to write a separate array for fields and contain
    $fields = array(

    /* It's important to know, that the fields will not get included into the
     * contain-array unless it's an associated model! */
    $contain = array(
        'Job' => array(
            //within another array you define the next level of contain
            'Branch' => array(
                //you get the deal...
            //if you only need specific fields you can define this here like this:
            'fields' => array('title', 'date', 'salary'),
            //or order them directly!
            'order' => 'Job.salary DESC'

    //we now to our find-fall with our 2 arrays for the fields and the contain
    //every option (like fields or order) can be used in the containable
    $people = $this->Person->find('all', array('contain' => $contain, 'fields' => $fields));

I hope this helped you in understanding containable a little more.

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Thanks, this definitely helped to figure it out. – jwg2s Jul 19 '11 at 2:15

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