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I have a file that should be added as binary but currently is not. Is there a way I can force hg add the file as binary?

The file is an image that is corrupted (on purpose) for a test case.

Update: The problem in particular is that I have a patch file, so when I apply the patch it does not apply the same.

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As per its documentation, Mercurial does nothing special for binary vs. text files. So you don't need to do anything special either, other than refraining from running diffs on them.

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The problem is that I have a patch file so when you apply the patch you get different data. –  hgquestion Jul 13 '11 at 2:09
Patch files do have limitations. For example they don't include file modes (e.g. the executable bit on *nix). I'm not sure a patch file for a binary makes a whole lot of sense. How about using an hg bundle instead? –  John Zwinck Jul 13 '11 at 2:11

As John says Mercurial doesn't differentiate between binary and text files internally. It does display them differently in diff/patch output, and it provides binary-usable diffs for files the output filter thinks might be binary if you use the --git option (for git-style diffs). When decided whether or not to show a file as binary (show, not store) it bases the decision on whether or not there's a NUL (0x00) byte in the file. Try to get one in there if it really matters. Alternately consider sending a bundle (hg bundle) rather than a diff.

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