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I want to work on android with eclipse , and my idea is to make a dictionary . the thought is that you are reading a file now you don't know a word you just have to click on that word it will redirect you to dictionary app " like word web " .

Now I don't know how to begin , on net also I was unable to find tutorials , can anyone tell me how to start with this .

Thank you

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If you want the user to be able to click on words in OTHER apps to launch your dictionary app, it is pretty much impossible. I suggest you start with an app that doesn't need to interact with other apps.

Good luck,


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okk but I want to focus on the dictionary , if you are saying thats not possible then may be we can do like this I made a dictionary app where we print the word and gets its meaning like wordweb but in mobile . or redirect to a web page if not find there if thats the correct way . –  Sudhanshu Gupta Jul 13 '11 at 7:00

You can use the Searchable Dictionary as a starter and change the database with your own.

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