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I could use some help with a problem I've been having:

I've started building a small app with Adobe AIR, using HTML and JScript (not Flex!). I need the app to be able to open folders that are located on another drive than C:. Till now, I just managed to open files or folders, but they are all on the same drive as File.applicationDirectory, File.userDirectory, etc.

How can I change the path to another drive than C:\? :-)

Thanks in advance for your time (and sorry for the mistakes, I'm from Germany and it's like 4.30 in the morning :D)



Basically, I just need to change the "air.File.desktopDirectory" line to another one that lets me open D:\ :-)

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Does this help?

private function getDrives():void
    var os:String = Capabilities.os.substr(0, 3).toLowerCase();
    var currentDrives:Array = (os == "mac") ? new File('/Volumes/').getDirectoryListing() : File.getRootDirectories();
    for each (var file:File in currentDrives)
        trace("Drive: " + + " Size: " + file.size);
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Thanks for the quick answer, but when I use that code, I get a parse error in the first line (private function ...). – Daniel Jul 13 '11 at 10:56
Your answer seems to be ActionScript, apparantly the question asker wanted JavaScript code, this answer is more thorough though. – Alexander Varwijk Aug 2 '11 at 21:03
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The problem is solved!

function volume() {
     var test = new air.File("file:///d:/");
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