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So Disqus will only work on a dynamically refreshing page if you use hashbangs in your url. So I modified my schema to look like this for example:


And that's fine, but when someone posts a comment, the link to the comment will look like this (from Disqus):


When you click that link, the page loads fine, but no comments load. Now if you just navigate straight to the first link, all comments load. Any suggestions?

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The '#' character is the marker for a fragment identifier in a URL. A URL with more than one '#' is malformed. So maybe you should try %-escaping the 2nd '#' character.

Why is that a problem on the disqus side? Surely the problem is on your side ... that you are not escaping the 2nd '#' character.

Did you take a look at the source of some disqus page in which one of these comment links is displayed? Is the 2nd '#' escaped in the link's 'href' attribute? (If not, that's a disqus bug ...)

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Guess that explains that. I am still a bit at a loss though b/c the problem is on the disqus side. they require the hashbang to be able to load comments on a dynamic page, but then they tack on the second hash. –  bwooceli Jul 19 '11 at 2:40

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