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When to Use Double or Single Quotes in JavaScript

I am study JavaScript. I don't understand With JavaScript When we use " " and when we use ' ' ?Please explain for me.

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It doesn't really matter. For the most part is about whether you are using one type of quote inside another.

As an example (all of these are true):

"foo" == 'foo'
"hi \"there\"" == 'hi "there"'
"what's up?" == 'what\'s up?'
"\"eat\" at Joe's" == '"eat" at Joe\'s'
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For the most part, it doesn't matter which you use. Both indicate a text constant.

As far as explaining the entire language, I think you'll need a book for that.

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They basically are arbitrary, but you can nest one inside the other without issues for example: "hello 'world'"

normally you would have to do "hello \"world\""

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You can use both as soon as it's consitent.

So 'abc' and "abc" are valid and are the same.

While 'abc" and "abc' are not valid.

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As my opinion, they're no big difference. The only rule is:

var s = 'I can contain " " without \ ';
var s = "I can contain ' ' without \ ";

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